Helping your business use video and digital marketing to connect with customers
and get more leads and sales

Is it time for your business to use video?

If your website is not bringing you enough business, then perhaps it’s time to add VIDEO to your marketing mix. Sites with video keep their visitors much longer than those without. The average time for visits to sites without video is 1 minute. But on sites with, this turns into a surprising six minutes.

We are able to provide the following services:

Script writing, filming, video editing and subtitling.
Publishing and optimizing video for your website, YouTube or any other video hosting service.

Setting up and running digital Ads through YouTube/Adwords and Facebook. This doesn’t have to be with a video made by us.

We are able to provide the following types of video:
How-to or explainer
Customer testimonial
Software demonstration  – can be screen recording or motion graphics with voice over.
Company video
Promotional video

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Video Production

Videos can range from a single image with animated text through to explainers, customer testimonials and motion graphics.

Nervous about your first video or concerned about cost? We can show you how to start with an animated visual and use this to promote your business through Facebook and YouTube video ads.

As your business and budget grows, you’ll be able to scale up gradually.

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Marketing with YouTube

People turn to YouTube when they need to find out how to do, make or learn something. Sometimes, it’s simply to be entertained.

YouTube is a search engine and people go there with intent.

The type of search words you use in your video is important in order to be found.

YouTube audiences can be re-targeted via the Google AdWords platform.

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Facebook Ads

Unlike YouTube, Facebook isn’t a search engine. People are primarily there to be in contact and exchange stories, images and videos with their friends and relatives.

With lots of  users accessing it via their mobile phone, videos have to be short, able to be understood without sound and ideally be “shareable”.

The Facebook platform allows for accurate audience targeting and is very video friendly.

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Social Video generates 1200% more shares than text and image combined. [Source: Brightcove]