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Using a Testimonial Video

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If you don’t want to make a promotional video, but still want to promote your services, a testimonial video will do the work for you. The most powerful advertisement for your product or service will come from a customer that has already used it.

A testimonial  provides word of mouth and social proof.

While filming a recent ‘how-to’ video for ecotile flooring the garage owner kindly agreed to be filmed talking about his decision to use the product. We were able to combine some of the interview footage with shots of the work being carried out.

Let your customers brag about the benefits and features of your product – it carries much more weight than doing it yourself.

Video on Instagram – can you promote in 15 seconds?

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If you had to promote your company in 15 seconds – could you do it?
Between 2013 and 2016, the maximum duration of an Instagram video was 15 secs. (It’s now 1 minute). Although the old time limit had some disadvantages, it did mean that anyone producing video had to get the message across quickly.

What company information can you get across in 15 secs?

I came across a series of ‘Top Tips’ Instagram videos that I did for a regular client of mine in 2014. The complete script: “When making coffee in a cafetiere, fill the glass halfway and then stir before adding the rest of the hot water. This stops all the grounds swelling to the top and improves the infusion.”

Does it work? You decide.

Find HR Higgins (Coffee-man) Ltd on their website and on their YouTube channel

Using Google My Business

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Would you like your business on the first page of Google?

Business listing
Even if you don’t have the resources and budget for Ads that larger companies have, as a local business you can feature on page 1 of Google by having a Google My Business listing.

As you can see in the image, the Google My Business listings are found between Google paid Ads and the organic listings.

When someone does a search, Google serves up it’s results on 3 main things; relevance, distance and prominence. The three businesses that have the best combination of these qualities will appear in this Google My Business box on the first page of Google. Pressing More Places will bring up the rest of the listings.

Google favours local

To claim your listing, first open a Google account if you don’t already have one and sign into your account. Then do the following:
1. In your browser, go to
2. In the page that comes up, click on the green “START NOW” button.
3. The next page will be a map with a search box. Put your business address in the search box. If your business isn’t listed, it will tell you.
4. Click on ” I’ve correctly entered the name and address”.
5. In the box that comes up, fill in your business details. Once you’ve filled this out, click Continue.
6. Click Verify in the next box to confirm you are authorised to manage the business.
7. A box will now come up asking how you want to receive your verification code. Check the address, then click the Mail box.
8. In the box that comes up, click Send Postcard. The postcard will take 1-2 weeks to arrive.

When the postcard arrives, use the code on the card to verify your Google My Business account.

Put any YouTube video on your blog or website – step by step

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Most of the videos on YouTube allow you to pick up the embed code and put them onto your blog or website. However, don’t upload any videos that may enfringe copyright. Typically, the type of content to avoid includes TV shows, music videos, commercials, films and film trailers.

Go to YouTube, put the search term you are looking for into the search box, have a look at some of the videos that come up and make your choice.

Get embed code from YouTube video

Share button1. Find the ‘Share’ button under the video
and press it

2. Now press the ‘Embed’ button.Press-Embed

Press-show-more3. You could copy this highlighted code. However, if you don’t want other videos showing when your video ends, you need to make one more change.


Untick-suggested-videosThe screen opens out. Untick the ‘Show suggested videos when the video finishes’.

When you do this, the code will change slightly.

When your video finishes, it will now go back to the first frame rather than show other related videos.

Select-and-copy-codeClick your cursor above the preview image and highlight the code. Copy it –  (Ctrl+C on a PC) or (Apple button+C on a Mac).

Go to the place in the post or your website where you want to see the video. Put your cursor at that point and paste the YouTube video. (Ctrl+V on a PC) or (Apple button+V on a Mac).

That’s it!

Embedding – Put any YouTube video on your blog or website

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One of the many advantages of having your video on YouTube is the ‘embed’ function.
By default, if you download a video to YouTube, you allow others to pick up the code for that video and embed it on their sites. If you wish, you can turn that function off.

Perhaps you want to encourage tourists to visit the Tate gallery in London. If you go to YouTube, do a search you could find this video:

To get this video to appear, all you have to do is pick up the embed code under the video and paste it into the post.

This gives you the advantage of a well made video to illustrate your post and gives the video more views. This can lead to the video being watched by a wider audience and backlinks to the Tate’s YouTube channel and their website.

If you would like to start using video, embedding videos from YouTube is a good way to learn how YouTube works and liven up your posts.

Go to this next post, to find out how to get the embed code from a YouTube video.