Video Marketing from the 1950s

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“Take me with you, always” is the slogan in this 1950’s Ad to sell a movie camera. It may have been the 1950s, but the rules of advertising haven’t changed much.

Sell on benefits, not features.

The movie camera is sold on the benefits it will bring the young couple pictured rather than a technical run through of it’s features.

We’re introduced first to the basic model at $29.95. However, our host hasn’t bought this one as a wedding gift.  He’s gone for the “Movie Gift Kit”, the more expensive model at $44.95, around $460/£360 in today’s money!  Yes, we can all see where this is heading….but we’ll still go along with it. Great Ad!

Posting your YouTube video on ebay

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If you are trying to sell an item on eBay, then a video showing the product in use can really help. Something as simple as using your smartphone to show the item from different angles will work.

If you get more adventurous, you can put together a video showing the features and benefits to potential customers. So, let’s say, I’m trying to sell a USB Desk Fan. I already have my video up on YouTube, what do I do now?

Displaying a product video on your ebay listing – first, YouTube

YouTube-click on Embed1. Go to where you have the video on your YouTube channel.

Under the video, click on Embed.

YouTube - click Show More2. Press SHOW MORE

YouTube - untick these boxes3. Unless you want other random videos showing once yours has played, it’s a good idea to untick the “Show suggested videos..” box.

I also like to untick “Show video title and player actions”. This is just a personal preference of mine. It means the video loses the text on the top left hand side of the frame and keeps the picture clear.

YouTube - copy the code4. Copy the code that is above the preview.

Go to your ebay listing

ebay listing - select html5. Go to the ebay listing that you want to add the video to.

Scroll down to the bottom where you would normally put the item description and select the HTML tab.

ebay-paste your code6. Paste the YouTube code that you copied in here.

Bear in mind, that you would also have more written text in this box with details of your item for sale. For simplicity, I’ve just left the box empty.

ebay-review listing7. Once you have pasted the code in, the listing will do an automatic save.

Click on “Preview listing” to check that your video is working.

ebay - scroll to description8. If everything has worked correctly, your video should now be showing in the description box.

You can now return to the ebay listing and add more description and information before saving and putting your item up for sale.

Using a Testimonial Video

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If you don’t want to make a promotional video, but still want to promote your services, a testimonial video will do the work for you. The most powerful advertisement for your product or service will come from a customer that has already used it.

A testimonial  provides word of mouth and social proof.

While filming a recent ‘how-to’ video for ecotile flooring the garage owner kindly agreed to be filmed talking about his decision to use the product. We were able to combine some of the interview footage with shots of the work being carried out.

Let your customers brag about the benefits and features of your product – it carries much more weight than doing it yourself.

Video on Instagram – can you promote in 15 seconds?

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If you had to promote your company in 15 seconds – could you do it?
Between 2013 and 2016, the maximum duration of an Instagram video was 15 secs. (It’s now 1 minute). Although the old time limit had some disadvantages, it did mean that anyone producing video had to get the message across quickly.

What company information can you get across in 15 secs?

I came across a series of ‘Top Tips’ Instagram videos that I did for a regular client of mine in 2014. The complete script: “When making coffee in a cafetiere, fill the glass halfway and then stir before adding the rest of the hot water. This stops all the grounds swelling to the top and improves the infusion.”

Does it work? You decide.

Find HR Higgins (Coffee-man) Ltd on their website and on their YouTube channel