Making a company video for a Trade Show

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Crowd at Trade Show

It’s that time of year – Trade Shows! Still very popular (and lucrative) with businesses and an opportunity to meet potential clients and network.

Having a TV monitor on your stand playing a company video is becoming increasingly popular. It’s a great way of getting people to stop and look and makes engagement in conversation easier too. So, what should think about before the show to make sure you produce a video which will make potential buyers and clients stop, look and engage?

1. High Quality pictures – these can be corporate images showing your products, possibly in a slideshow format. The main thing is to make sure that they are the best quality images possible. The large screen will be unforgiving if they are not.

2. Subtitles – if your video has a voice-over commentary, think about having subtitles added to the video before the show. This allows you to keep the volume down on the stand and encourages people to stop and read them.

3. Get your message across in as short a time as possible – products, services, shots of your premises and work being carried out compressed into a 5-7 minute video is ideal. It gets a lot of information across visually and quickly.

Using video to promote a workshop

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Local Jewellery designer, Rachel Jeffrey, was looking for a way to promote her Jewellery school. She had recently featured on Channel 4’s “Kirstie’s Vintage Home”, showing a couple how to make their own wedding rings.

We set about filming a new version at her lovely shop/workshop in Wheathampstead. I came away feeling it was such a special thing to do. Great fun for everyone and not as difficult as you might think….or..maybe Rachel made it look easy! Go to Rachel Jeffrey Jewellery for more information.

How to be successful in business

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A business that has survived for 70 years knows how to be successful.
When I was asked to make this video, I knew it was important to show the rich family background of HR Higgins which began in 1942.

The coffee shop in Mayfair is beautiful. The video allows e-commerce customers to see what lies behind the delicious coffee and tea being sold on the internet. David Higgins, the present owner, uses the video on his website and also on his company Facebook page.

David Higgins gives three reasons for the company’s success:

1. Having a clear objective. In their case, to sell the best quality coffee available.
2. Keeping the quality of the product high.
3. Giving a personal service to all customers.

Visit the HR Higgins website: H.R.Higgins (Coffee-man) Ltd