Video on Instagram – can you promote in 15 seconds?

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If you had to promote your company in 15 seconds – could you do it?
Between 2013 and 2016, the maximum duration of an Instagram video was 15 secs. (It’s now 1 minute). Although the old time limit had some disadvantages, it did mean that anyone producing video had to get the message across quickly.

What company information can you get across in 15 secs?

I came across a series of ‘Top Tips’ Instagram videos that I did for a regular client of mine in 2014. The complete script: “When making coffee in a cafetiere, fill the glass halfway and then stir before adding the rest of the hot water. This stops all the grounds swelling to the top and improves the infusion.”

Does it work? You decide.

Find HR Higgins (Coffee-man) Ltd on their website and on their YouTube channel