Using a Testimonial Video

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If you don’t want to make a promotional video, but still want to promote your services, a testimonial video will do the work for you. The most powerful advertisement for your product or service will come from a customer that has already used it.

A testimonial  provides word of mouth and social proof.

While filming a recent ‘how-to’ video for ecotile flooring the garage owner kindly agreed to be filmed talking about his decision to use the product. We were able to combine some of the interview footage with shots of the work being carried out.

Let your customers brag about the benefits and features of your product – it carries much more weight than doing it yourself.

5 ways to achieve effective testimonials

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1. Ask your customers to include some details of your product or service in the testimonial.
2. Ask your customers to be specific in their testimonials. What in particular impressed them?
3. Ask your customer to talk about the difficulties they were having previous to receiving the benefits of your product or service.
4. Ask your customers to say a little about themselves. Why they in particular benefited.
5. If relevant, feature the customer elsewhere in the video, perhaps using your product. It all helps to reinforce the message.