TriPartum testimonial

Customer testimonial for document design company, TriPartum.

Make your own wedding rings

Selling a workshop day - explainer with interview

Monkey Music

Advertising a franchise opportunity

App Explainer

Motion Graphics used to explain how an App works

Parking Lift Ad

A 30 sec YouTube Ad to sell a parking lift

Chris Butcher

Interview with subtitles for Facebook

Make a Slideshow Video

A screencast recording showing how to use a piece of software

Floor tile installation – Testimonial

Customer gives a testimonial after the installation

Sopwell – Celebrating 10 years

Coverage of live event with interviews

Garage tile installation – Testimonial

St Albans Car Clinic owner gives testimonial after installation

Leverless Tyre Changer – Testimonial

Customer gives testimonial - subtitles were added to enable video to be shown on a monitor at a Trade Show

ecotile floor tiles

French subtitles were added to enable French distributor to promote product using original video