YouTube – AdWords – Video Marketing


YouTube is owned by Google, so the two platforms easily work together.

If your business currently uses the Google Adwords platform, then you can access the audiences watching the videos on your YouTube channel from within your Adwords account.

You can choose to use audiences from specific videos and you even have a choice “Viewed certain video(s) as ad(s)”

The advantage of this is that you can promote a particular video using Adwords and then re-target this audience knowing that they have watched your video. This gives you a warm audience – one that you can send more content to or possibly convert into customers or clients.

3 steps to build your audience and target interested customers

1. Start on YouTube

Provide a “How to” or demo video and upload it to YouTube. Promote your video within YouTube search using the AdWords platform. You can also specify your target audience by age, interests, location and many more factors. Although you may be looking for a client or a sale, the first stage for most buyers is research. You want your video to be found when this research is taking place.

2.  Connect up your AdWords account

If you already use AdWords for your business, then connect up your YouTube channel to your AdWords account. This can be done within AdWords or within YouTube. You’ll now be able to access the audiences that have watched your video.

3. Retarget your Audience

Within AdWords, access the audiences that have watched one or all of your YouTube videos. You can now target this audience with further content. This can be additional videos or perhaps a special offer. You are now targeting an audience that is nearer to buying and has already been introduced to your brand.

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